"I can do all things through christ which strengthens me.(phillpians 4vs 13)".There is power in this words,if confessed with faith and do not allow your heart to doubt it at all.     There  is power in those words-actual power and with them,you can remove any obstacles in your life,in your marriage or relationship. Don't be afraid of any obstacles. Practice believing that God is with you and in combination with him,you have the power to handle every situation. Don't believe in defeat attitude.      First thing to do about an obstacle, is to simplify and not complaining about it or whine under it but forthroughly attack it,don't go crawling through life,your hands and knees half defeated it,stand up to your obstacles and do something about them.You will find that they haven't half the strength you think they has.       Just standup to it,that's all and don't give under it,it will finally break,you will break it,something has to break and it won't b

Learn to expect,not to doubt

 Mark 9:23.Jesus said unto him,"if thou canst believe, all thing are possible to him that believeth".In doing so,you bring everything into the realm of possibility. When you put your trust in God,he guides your mind so that you do not want things that are not good for you or that are inhamonious with God's will,every great thing at last becomes for a possibility.        William James, the famous psychologist said, "our belief at the beginning of a doubtful undertaking is the one thing that insures the successful outcome of your venture.  Think of victory  Think of success  Think of healing  Think of deliverance  Think of successful marriage/partner  Think of good children  Think of progress etc       Expect not the worst but the best,when a new thought pattern changes your mind,then the creative power of faith will operate,expecting the best means that you put your whole heart into what you want to accomplish. People are defeated in life not because of lack of abilit


 Have faith and have a successful life. One of basic difference between God and humans is,God gives and forgives. But human gets,gets,gets and forget. Be thankfulin life.   If you think, it is your alarm clock that woke you up this morning, try putting it beside a dead  body and you will realise that, it is the grace of God that woke you up.   Learn how to be be grateful for everything that you touch or come in contact with.     Learn how to thank God for everything, from all parts of your body to your children, your husband, relationship, the water,trees, the down pour,the sun,the moon,the earth, your farm,the  flowers,the rocks,the stones,your house,your home,your neighour, your church, everything you come in contact with.     Be grateful to God in all things and all times,remember what you give  to God is given back to you.         So be grateful to God.     Yours lily love blog        Thanks


 *SALARY MAY STOP  TOMORROW.*       *Robert Mugabe's Said ...*    "When your salary comes in time, you eat chicken.  As the salary reduces you eat products of Chicken (Eggs) and subsequently, you begin to eat chicken's foods like maize & millet Finally, when salary is finished, you become chicken itself, spending your time walking around just looking for what to eat"!!!!! Your salary is a seed that needs to be planted.  It's important you take part of it and invest.  Salary alone cannot solve all your money problems. Create a plan B now. A wise investment will provide opportunities for one to always eat Chicken whenever he or she pleases! *Think* 👉INVESTMENT...because you won't be young forever! *Think* GOOD health...because you won't be strong forever! *Think and build your tomorrow today* 🕺🏼👯🏽‍♀️🕺🏼👯🏽‍♀️🕺🏼👯🏽‍♀️


 Love only compel would-be couples into marriage but it doesn't sustain marriage. Rather, understand, patience, communication, most importantly, forgiveness sustain every marriage. High expectation are the symptoms of divorce in marriage.  Sometimes, you hear,I want to marry a mother,a business partner, God fearing person can't get all expectation in one person. With time and depending on your relationship, you may get some,so minimise your expectations in marriage.  To cut the long story short,as too much salt spoil the broth,she concluded on the mistakes couples should resist at all cost in marriage.  *Never say you have made your wife or husband somebody from a nobody,it hurts.God only use you as an agent  for transformation, give the glory to God. *Let the man be the head of financial, emotional, physical and spiritual while the woman exercise  diligence in the use of tongue.  *Children are not the ultimate in marriage, they are given to enhance your marriage, when
 TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL YOU NEED TO DO THE FOLLOWING. *Believe.......while others are doubting  *Plan.....while others are playing  *Study....while others are sleeping  *Decide....while others are delaying  *Prepare.....while others are daydreaming  *Begin.....while others are procrastinating  *Work...while others are wishing  *Invest....while others are wasting  *Listen....while others are talking  *Smile....while others are frowning  *Comend....While others are criticising  *Persist......while others are quitting 


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